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Parents & Carers

Helping parents/carers and their children to thrive…

You want to support your children to grow and develop with the resilience they need to not only face the setbacks that inevitably will come (and not just pandemics), but also be able to thrive in life.


Children can learn to deal with uncertainty, with your support helping them to develop the skills and strategies to excel.

Father 2 Father has supported thousands of parents and families, up and down the country in a way that is practical and based on real lived experiences and proven strategies.


Parents recognise the benefits of spending a little time with us to learn and understand the ideas for themselves and then use our resources with their children at home.


Tools for Teenage Years help address challenging and harmful behaviours in adolescence

Across the 12 sessions we will give:

  • A better understanding of harmful/challenging behaviours

  • Strengthened family relationships

  • Support for the whole family

  • Freedom from the feelings of powerlessness

  • An increased presence in your child’s life

  • Hope for the future

Tools for Teenage Years programme is commissioned to work in various boroughs. Contact us to see if we are currently have places available near you.


“When I changed, my child changed. ”

Fiona, Tools for Teenage Years participant


Wilbur Yankey

Parent Engagement


Michael's Story 

This workshop was useful in helping me to understand what our son will be going through, how that will affect him and how we can positively help him navigate his new experiences as in enters into Secondary School

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