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Father 2 Father in an award-winning Coomunity Interest Company that provides support, training and development to fathers, men and adolsesent boys. It aims to empower Father's young men and youth to make informed decisions about their lifestyle and relationships

Our mission is to increase the proportion of children growing up with involved, responsible fathers and male role models.

We achieve this by supporting and providing adolescent boys, fathers and their families with mentorship, information, advice and guidance that will enhance their personal, social and economic well-being.

We engage fathers and listen to their needs then provide support, training and awareness.

Meet Our Leadership Team


Courtney Brown

 Founder & CEO

Analyzing his own life and struggle as a man and listening to stories from other men, Courtney concludes that all men share the same struggle. Courtney founded Father2Father and uses this platform to assist men with the struggles they face and explore why negative behavior in men if gone unchecked can persist which leads them to self sabotage.

‘Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world’ – Nelson Mandela


Wilbur Yankey

Programme Director

There’s no greater joy than working with men towards a common goal and achieving great things together. My greatest disappointment is that I have only achieved it in sport, Football etc. NOT IN LIFE!!!

I want that same feeling ‘winning a game, the league, a cup final’ with seeing men’s lives transformed, relationships healed, fathers taking responsibility for the choices they make.

Father2Father is part of my recovery process in my journey.

Work with us! Join us!

Patrons and Ambassadors

We are fortunate to have some fantastic Patrons and Ambassadors who give their valuable time and energy into promoting the work of Father2Father

Meet Our Patron & Ambassadors


Dr Neville Lawrence OBE

Patron and Ambassador

Dr Neville Lawrence's son Stephen's murder in 1993 is very well known. The tenacity of the family raised awareness of the devastating effects of institutionalised racism and won the hearts of the public at large. Dr Lawrence spends much of time supporting families that have faced similar tragedies to his own, but also invests sound wisdom in young people at schools, colleges and universities. He was invited to work with the fathers, men and adolescents of Father2Father (F2F).

Dr Neville says...

"F2F improves lives; it is really as simple as that. F2F provides children who do not have an actively involved male or father figure with role models, guidance and the direction that they need. I feel like a Grandfather to the many young men that this amazing organisation works with - it's such an honour to be a part of F2F; seeing lives change and relationships healed through our work."


Dr Angela Herbert MBE MSC Ed. Mgt. BA Ed

Patron and Ambassador

Angela, an Executive, educational, professional and life coach is also a published author of Now is the Time

Angela says...

Why should a woman, be appointed as a patron of F2F? Courtney Brown CEO of F2F made my decision to accept this honour easy. He recognises that in our community mothers are raising men. F2F engages with mothers to enable access and support to return the heart of the son to his father and father to his son.


Viv Ahmun

Patron and Ambassador

Revitalizing professionals, scaling businesses and building resilience into companies and other social groups is Viv's passion. Viv attracts and direct investment, grow people and businesses and supports community change.

Viv says...

It's an honour to be part of F2F, an orgnaisation that works tirelessly to change the negative sterotypes of men within our community.

I just had to be a part of this movement


Errol McKella

Patron and Ambassador

When Errol McKellar, a mechanic from Hackney, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010 he made it his mission to raise awareness of the condition by offering 20% discounts to any customer willing to go for cancer checks.

McKellar has since helped 48 men get diagnosed who did not realise they had prostate cancer.

Errol says...

After working with a number of so-called “Alpha Males”, I think it’s extremely important to emphasise the vital role that men from all walks of like can play in role modelling to the Youth and other fathers

Be a part of the solution - You can make a difference

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