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What to do if you become unemployed

Not many of us plan for unemployment and, when it does happen, we go into shock and don’t know what to do.

So if this is you just take a minute or two to read our guide to dealing with redundancy, unemployment, job search, benefit entitlement and how to tackle those debts.

If you have been made redundant

    • Statutory redundancy entitlement - you can work out what you are entitled to by visiting the government online calculator. If you have worked continuously for the same employer for two years or more then you are likely to be entitled to statutory redundancy pay. Remember the first £30,000 is tax fee.

  • Your rights if made redundant - your employer has a responsibility to treat you fairly and follow the correct process if they are considering making redundancies. They should think about any alternatives to making you redundant. Get an overview of your rights if you are facing redundancy at my rights.

  • Your rights if your employer is insolvent - If your employer becomes insolvent you have a number of options open to you. Find out what insolvency is, what to do if you are owed money by an insolvent employer and how insolvency affects your employment status. You can read more here.

Looking for work - England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland

  • Jobs and Skills search - Thousands of new jobs become available each week. Alternatively you could look for voluntary work as away to improving your chances for paid work at a later day. Find a job
  • Need help in applying for a job? – you can get help with writing your CV, application forms and general advice here
  • Wales - Free careers information and advice for young people, adults, parents, employers and professionals. Careers Wales

Are you entitled to any benefits?

Would you benefit from a benefit check up?

People in the UK are missing out on benefits and tax credits worth more than £8 billion a year. Here we can direct you to an easy to use website that can help make sure you get what is yours.

Just insert your details such as income, council tax bill and your savings, into the calculator. A click on the mouse will reveal your full entitlement on all the main benefits; council tax & housing benefit, working tax credit, child benefit, child trust fund, child tax credit and pension credit.

It is important to remember that benefit rules do change so if you think you could be entitled to benefits then get checking now - be mad not to!

This site is free and no personal information is required, so anonymity is assured entitledto.co.uk's benefit calculator

Also see Beginner's guide to benefits from the government website direct.gov.

Citizens Advice - They may also be able to help- more on their website – On-line help from the Citizens Advice Bureau. Remember to click on the right tab for your country, England, Nth Ireland, Scotland & Wales