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Know the way, show the way


  • New parent educators who want to develop tools, skills, and confidence.
  • Experienced parent educators who want new ideas, innovative activities, and contagious enthusiasm.
  • School personnel, nurses, and social workers looking for an excellent parent-education program that enhances learning through experiential activities.
  • Parents who want an in-depth experience for working with their children.


LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Participants will…

  • Deepen their understanding of the Adlerian approach to parenting and to teaching parenting by learning how to use mutual respect, cooperation, kindness and firmness at the same time and by seeing mistakes as opportunities to learn.
  • Learn why children misbehave and how to respectfully encourage change in ways that eliminate most behavior problems.
  • Learn the basic components of a Positive Discipline Parenting Class that work with any group of parents regardless of the age of their children, their reading ability or their culture of origin.
  • Learn how to facilitate a parenting class from the position of a “non-expert” by drawing forth the learning from the participant's own experience.
  • Learn (and practice) how to effectively lead experiential activities and demonstrations that help parents "get into the child's world."
  • Learn how to work with and teach parents who love their children but have few tools and resources to parent effectively for today’s world.
  • Learn how to facilitate the Parent Helping Parent Problem Solving Steps to guide families through solving real-life problems.
  • Have a set of resource materials for future reference.

Practice, Practice!
Research confirms that we learn more deeply and internalize change more successfully when actively practicing the principles we are learning. Participants will learn to lead experiential activities, demonstrations, and role plays that help parents go beyond intellectual learning to practical application of what works to encourage and empower children.

Parents will learn what wonderful consultants they can be to each other. During the Parents Helping Parents Problem Solving Steps a volunteer presents a real problem. The group then role plays the problem, suggests the child’s possible motivation (or ‘Mistaken Goal’) and brainstorms suggested approaches. The volunteer then chooses the approach that fits him or her, and practices it through role play. Parents are enthusiastic about the help they receive through this process.


Two-day workshop fee: £TBC
Early Bird fee: £TBC (paid 30 days in advance)